Malala’s Fight

I wonder about how many children get no education in third world countries? In fact,more than 70 million kids don’t get an education in third world countries and 53% of them are girls. Also, I believe that it is unreasonable for kids not to be allowed to go to school or that they have to fight for their education. In third world countries kids have to fight for their education. Indeed, in some other places including the United States kids are required to go to school. These are two significant samples why some children think differently about school than other children.

For example,in third world countries kids have to fight for their education. Malala stood up to the Taliban for her education.” I don’t want to be thought as”the girl shoot in the head by the Taliban” but as ”the girl who fought for education”,the girl who stands up for peace, with knowledge as her weapon.” This reveals that Malala fought for her education. That was one valid inference why some children think divergent about school than other kids.

Also,kids in some other places including the United States are required to go to school. Compulsory attendance law was made by each to require school attendance for children of specific ages. About 42 countries have the compulsory law. Finally,that was the second relevant inference why some kids think unalike about school than other kids.

That was two meaningful samples why some kids think dissimilar about school than other kids. So, next time you would rather stay home and play your video games remind yourself of how Malala fought the Taliban just for her education.

Malala vs. Taliban

Why and how did Malala make her voice heard? Most importantly,Malala made her voice heard by speaking out against the Taliban. For example, She spoke out against the Taliban in her interviews. “I had continued doing interviews about girls’ right to education,and my father and I attended rallies and events to spread our message as far and wide as we could.” She is saying that her and her dad tried as hard as they could to speak out against the Taliban. Not to mention, She went to school even when the Taliban told the girls not to go. She went to school when she was endangered because she was brave and wanted to be educated. Those were some reasonable reasons why and how Malala protested against the Taliban.

The Mind of Malala

Why is education so important to Malala? Obviously, education is important to Malala because she wants to be successful.

To start with, she wants to be the smartest and get first in all of her events.” I worked extra hard so I would never have to learn that particular lesson again.”.What she is trying to say is that she does not want to come in second anymore. In fact, she’d rather go in a classroom and study than go outside.To make good grades, you must study.

Those were some reasons why Malala wants to be successful in school.

Battle of Communication

Communicating in person and with technology have positive and negative outcomes. However,communicating in person to me is more polite than communicating with technology. While some differences between communicating in person and communicating through technology are noticeable, the similarities are striking.

Here are some similarities between communicating in person and communicating through technology. You can multi-task while talking and playing games.You can even play Monopoly,Twister,and even Battleship while talking with a friend. Also never walk across a busy street while talking on a phone or listening to a friend instead of watching out for cars. You can make plans on the phone or face to face. You can plan birthdays,weddings,and family gatherings. One time my parents surprised my older brother for his birthday and we had to plan it a week ahead of time. Those were some similarities between communicating in person and communicating through technology.

Here are some differences between communicating in person and communicating through technology. One is that you don’t have to use wifi to talk face to face. One time I was trying to call my friend from West Texas but when I called it did not work because I did not have wifi, I even lost my signal. You don’t need wifi to talk to friend face to face. Two could be you are more aware of your surroundings when you talk in person. You don’t need to be texting or worrying about dropping your phone while driving or walking across a busy street. One time I was walking with a friend and we were talking and we heard a fast moving car and got on the sidewalk if we would have had on our headphones on we would have never heard the car and we could have been struck. Those were some differences between communicating in person and communicating through technology.

Communicating in person and with technology have positive and negative outcomes. However, I think it is more polite to talk in person rather than talk through technology.

The Hunt

The day was quiet.

I felt the breeze

Hit my back.

The wind was perfect

For hunting

In the area I was located.

It was nearly

Sun set.

The clock was ticking

At sunset four beautiful deer

jumped the fence.

They bolted to the yellow

pile of corn.

My eyes looked straight up.

Locked on target,

I signaled my dad.

We sat there as two massive

Deer jumped the fence.

I was anxious

to pull the trigger.

I needed one

To come in sight.


The second biggest

walked out.

I quickly put the gun

On my shoulder

And locked on target

I pulled the trigger.


My dad watched

As the deer ran into the trees.

In disappointment I looked up.


The biggest deer was standing

There outside my window.

I quickly put another bullet

in the gun and locked on target.

I pulled the trigger.


I looked up and saw the deer

laying in the grass.

I was so happy

my hands were shaking.

Dad and I walked out to the deer.

We took pictures with my kill.

I put the tag on its ear

to show that I had killed it.

I felt like running all the way

To camp and tell everybody.

I was proud of myself

for the rest of the weekend.

Courage Reflection of “Out of My Mind”

Courage is a word

that has many meanings

Courage is all around

us sometimes we never notice,

playing a sport you never

have takes Courage,

standing up for what is right

takes Courage.


Courage can be as powerful

As hitting a homerun,

Courage can be as easier than giving

Someone a compliment,

To be Courageous it just takes a little effort.

Literary Responce

There are many ways Melody changed in “Out of My Mind”. For a start, is that Melody gets to sit in a normal classroom. She was so nervous she felt like hiding.” We were going to be in regular classroom.” Following this, is that Melody gets a Medi-Talker. A Medi-Talker is machine that helps people speak. She is so surprised she felt her mind almost explode.” Most importantly,under about a mile of bubble-wrap,there it is the Medi-Talker.” Lastly, Melody tries out for the Quiz Team. The Quiz Team is a group of smart people and they compete against other schools and they answer questions and try to get them right. She feels like she is going to rock that tryout. “Maybe not, but you’ve got the fastest strongest brain in that school, and you are going to try out for the quiz team next week.” Those we’re ways Melody changed in “Out of My Mind”.

Sharon Draper’s Writing

Here are somethings that I like about Sharon Draper’s writing.One thing that I like was that her writing is very detailed and descriptive.”The smell of early-morning coffee is a permanent memory mixed up with the smell of bacon.” The second, is that her story is in first-person.I like it to be first-person because you get to see their imotions and feelings.”I can’t talk.I can’t walk.I can’t feed myself or take myself to the bathroom.” Lastly,she makes her stories seem real. I like books that make me feel like I’m there. “They’d see a girl with dark brown eyes full of curiosity.But one of them is slightly out of whack.Her head wobbles a little.Sometimes she drools.” Those were some things about Sharon Draper’s awesome writing.