May 26

4th Grade Math

In 4th grade I learned how to add and subtract fractions.My favorite part was long division and fractions.My least favorite part was measuring angles.One of my strengths is multiplication.One of my weakness is measuring angles.

A thought I had of 5th grade was that I had to learn new things and hard things than 4th grade.I want to learn more about algebra.

May 20

So Long 4th Grade

The most important thing I learned was adding fractions. My favorite project was the light bulb experiment. I was most surprised by all the hard questions. The thing I disliked most was going to lunch at 12:30.

May 8




son of Keith and Amanda,

lover of hunting and fishing,

who feels tired on Monday mornings,

who finds happiness in playing baseball,

who needs help with homework every night,

who gives laughs,

who fears spiders and snakes,

who enjoys to laugh and giggle,

who likes to wear Nike and under armour,

resident of White Oak tx,