Colonial Life

Today was a good and bad day so let’s hear about the bad part first.We ran out of sand to mix with the chemicals.Then,they told me to go and get more sand from the beach.which I did.Well,the beach is about 22 miles from our colony.So,I had to run there and back which was about 44 miles.I was pretty tired when I got back.when I got back to work on my really cool bottle that I’ve been working on for a really long time now.I finished it today.You have to be very talented to make these glass bottles.My friend Ben made a really cool bottle today also.But when I got back from the beach I only got to see the finishing touches.What’s really cool about being a glassmaker is that you only get to work six to nine mouths a year.Were almost done with six mouths of working.So I’ll write again tomorrow and tell more about my day.


To have a good comment is to have positive notes and readable.Don’t use all caps and just type in random letters and words.Don’t be a cyberbully or be mean on the internet.See you later.

Jamestown or Plymouth

I would rather live in Jamestown because Jamestown seemed more peaceful and safe and that they had more room in there fort and you grow tobacco and get lots of money off of it so that they could get more supplies and food or weapons.

Life in 5th Grade

So far I love 5th grade because the teachers are very nice I love the science projects.My favorite subjects are american history and reading.I like to go to recess and play soccer and wallball.I like it when we play prodigy in math because I like to ansewer math questions.But so far I like 5th grade

9/11 Reflecktions

On Friday I learned that when the twin towers collapaced my dadymac and meme where in boston when the planes where hijacked and that they were on one of the planes that left after a plane that was hijacked.