November 13

My First Buck

I woke up and started to get dressed. My dad and I were about to go hunting. I helped him get the guns out of the safe. Then we were on our way. We stopped by the doughnut shop on our way there. When we got there we drove to the camp site and walked to the deer stand. We got settled and put a bullet in the gun. Now we had to sit there and wait. We sat there for hours.Finally there he came. He was an eight point. I was asleep,of course,and my dad woke up.I sat up and got my rifle. He was a big deer. Then I aimed and fired. He dropped right in his tracks. We sat there and made sure that he was dead. After that, we walked out of the stand. I ran toward the deer. We looked at him and took a few pictures. That was the time I shot my first buck.

November 4

Red Ribbon Week




Red ribbon week  to me gives kids a chance to know what drugs do to your body.They need to know that because when they get older someone will ask if they want this and they need to say no.that is what red ribbon week means to me.