Malala vs. Taliban

Why and how did Malala make her voice heard? Most importantly,Malala made her voice heard by speaking out against the Taliban. For example, She spoke out against the Taliban in her interviews. “I had continued doing interviews about girls’ right to education,and my father and I attended rallies and events to spread our message as far and wide as we could.” She is saying that her and her dad tried as hard as they could to speak out against the Taliban. Not to mention, She went to school even when the Taliban told the girls not to go. She went to school when she was endangered because she was brave and wanted to be educated. Those were some reasonable reasons why and how Malala protested against the Taliban.

The Mind of Malala

Why is education so important to Malala? Obviously, education is important to Malala because she wants to be successful.

To start with, she wants to be the smartest and get first in all of her events.” I worked extra hard so I would never have to learn that particular lesson again.”.What she is trying to say is that she does not want to come in second anymore. In fact, she’d rather go in a classroom and study than go outside.To make good grades, you must study.

Those were some reasons why Malala wants to be successful in school.