Earth Day

Environmental Protection Agency

April 22 is when it’s celebrated

Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to watch 3 hours of television

The plastic garbage kills at least one million creatures in the ocean each year

Hayes built a national staff of 85 to premote events across the land

Denis Hayes took Earth Day international in 1990

About 200 million people in 141 countries participated in this event in 1990

Yearly there are 14,000,000,000 pounds of garbage thrown into the ocean

Child Labor

I do not like child labor because children are to young to go off on there own and work in a factory . The people who made kids go work in factories are making a kid do a mans job. I heard that they worked six days a week and 12-14 hours a day. Some kids even died from them doing their job. They also lost limbs from being cut. The coal miners would get sick from all the dust in the caves. When the girls where working they lost some of there fingers from the needles. One last thing when the girls where sewing the bosses would lock the door so they would not try to leave.

The President

I want to be the President because it leads the Executive Branch of the federal government and is the commander-in-chief of the United States.The President of the United States is considered one of the most powerful people.You have to be thirty-five years old to become president.You even get to live in the White House.That is why I want to be president.

The Executive Branch Poem

Executive branch makes sore that people obey the laws.

EXecutive branch is the third branch of the United States.

ThE members of the Cabinet are often the president closest confidants.

Cabinet gives advice to the president about important matters.

United  States President is the head of the executive branch.

There are two more branches other than the executive.

The VIce president is also a part of the executive branch.

Vice president helps the president make decsions.

ThEre are 15 executive departments each led by an appointed member of the presidents cabinet.

This Branch can be the source of certain types of law , such as decree or executive order.

TheRe are other parts of the executive branch called the Cabinet and the executive office.

Americans have to follow the laws that the executive branch enforces.

No one can not follow the laws that the executive branch pass or they will go to jail.

Can change existing laws or make new ones.

THe executive branch employ over 4 million Americans.



American Revolution Summary

I learned about famous people in the american revolution and some of the battles. We also talked about important events in the american revolution.I also learned about the uniforms the soldiers wore.The last thing I learned was about the battle of kings mountain.