Andrew Pickens Poem

he was a militia leader in the American Revolution

he was a great revolutionary war hero

he fought against Cherokee indians

ranked brigadier general

Andrew Pickens

was a captain

first expeditions against the Cherokee

he had three-hundred men in his militia

Pickens and other militia leaders surrendered to the British


Pearl Harbor Poem

P. President Roosevelt called the pearl harbor attacks “A date which will live in infamy.

E. Edwin Joseph Hill was a pearl harbor hero by leading his men to safety

A. After the pearl harbor attacks we declared war on the Japanese.

R. Robert R. Scott was another war hero by refusing to leave his station when he saw injured men.

L. Lead the U.S into world war 2

H. Herbert Charpoit Jones was a hero because he refused to have help to save two of his solders.

A. Arizona and the California battleships sunk at pearl harbor

R. Resting place for USS. Arizona in Honolulu,Hawaii

B. Bombs the Japanese used at pearl harbor were torpedos to take down the battleships

O. On December 7 pearl harbor was attacked by the Japanese

R. Really happend at 7:55 ampearl harbor

My First Buck

I woke up and started to get dressed. My dad and I were about to go hunting. I helped him get the guns out of the safe. Then we were on our way. We stopped by the doughnut shop on our way there. When we got there we drove to the camp site and walked to the deer stand. We got settled and put a bullet in the gun. Now we had to sit there and wait. We sat there for hours.Finally there he came. He was an eight point. I was asleep,of course,and my dad woke up.I sat up and got my rifle. He was a big deer. Then I aimed and fired. He dropped right in his tracks. We sat there and made sure that he was dead. After that, we walked out of the stand. I ran toward the deer. We looked at him and took a few pictures. That was the time I shot my first buck.

Red Ribbon Week




Red ribbon week  to me gives kids a chance to know what drugs do to your body.They need to know that because when they get older someone will ask if they want this and they need to say no.that is what red ribbon week means to me.

Colonial Life

Today was a good and bad day so let’s hear about the bad part first.We ran out of sand to mix with the chemicals.Then,they told me to go and get more sand from the beach.which I did.Well,the beach is about 22 miles from our colony.So,I had to run there and back which was about 44 miles.I was pretty tired when I got back.when I got back to work on my really cool bottle that I’ve been working on for a really long time now.I finished it today.You have to be very talented to make these glass bottles.My friend Ben made a really cool bottle today also.But when I got back from the beach I only got to see the finishing touches.What’s really cool about being a glassmaker is that you only get to work six to nine mouths a year.Were almost done with six mouths of working.So I’ll write again tomorrow and tell more about my day.