My Personal Narrative

My dad whispered in my ear ”Get up”.We were about to go hunting .You need to dress warm when you go hunting.Then we were on our way.We were at the end of Pittsberg and almost there. We just got to the deer lease and started to walk to the stand.

It took us along time but we got there.We got in the deer stand and played Angry Birds to pass the time. Both of us waited for hours until it was lunch time.We went to lunch and came back.It was about 1:30 in the afternoon.We both were bored.We hunted about three more hours.We played 5 more rounds of Angry Birds.Then I looked up and there it was the eight point.It was a thrill because I had never seen a real deer before.All I could think about was shooting the deer.I was shaking so bad I was about to jump out of the deer stand.My dad gave me the gun.He was waiting for me to say ready.When I said ready he cocked the gun.Boom,I asked my dad “Did I get him”.Perfect shoot”.After that we walked up to the deer.It looked so much bigger up close.When I picked up the head to take a picture.It felt like 100 pounds.I will always love to deer hunt.


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