The Double-Decker-Fourwheeler

The Double-Decker-Fourwheeler is a new and improved fourwheeler .I would have to learn how to build a motor and how to get powerful wheels.The Double-Decker-fourwheeler has the most tuffest wheels in the world.The Double-decker-fourwheeler has two stories.You can turn it into a boat or a party barge.My brand name is the viking.We make other ATvs like motorcycles,dirt bikes,Jet skies, and fourwheelers.We even sell helmets and gear for riding the ATVs.The Double-Decker-fourwheeler comes with a diving board.It comes with compartments for guns and fishing poles.Then we put in seat warmers.You can only drive it when you are 10 or older.Photo on 2-18-15 at 8.56 AM









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