December 9

Pearl Harbor Poem

P. President Roosevelt called the pearl harbor attacks “A date which will live in infamy.

E. Edwin Joseph Hill was a pearl harbor hero by leading his men to safety

A. After the pearl harbor attacks we declared war on the Japanese.

R. Robert R. Scott was another war hero by refusing to leave his station when he saw injured men.

L. Lead the U.S into world war 2

H. Herbert Charpoit Jones was a hero because he refused to have help to save two of his solders.

A. Arizona and the California battleships sunk at pearl harbor

R. Resting place for USS. Arizona in Honolulu,Hawaii

B. Bombs the Japanese used at pearl harbor were torpedos to take down the battleships

O. On December 7 pearl harbor was attacked by the Japanese

R. Really happend at 7:55 ampearl harbor

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