Literary Responce

There are many ways Melody changed in “Out of My Mind”. For a start, is that Melody gets to sit in a normal classroom. She was so nervous she felt like hiding.” We were going to be in regular classroom.” Following this, is that Melody gets a Medi-Talker. A Medi-Talker is machine that helps people speak. She is so surprised she felt her mind almost explode.” Most importantly,under about a mile of bubble-wrap,there it is the Medi-Talker.” Lastly, Melody tries out for the Quiz Team. The Quiz Team is a group of smart people and they compete against other schools and they answer questions and try to get them right. She feels like she is going to rock that tryout. “Maybe not, but you’ve got the fastest strongest brain in that school, and you are going to try out for the quiz team next week.” Those we’re ways Melody changed in “Out of My Mind”.

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